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Financial Analysis

Energy Equities Analysis, Derivatives Trading & Hedging Strategies; Oil & Natural Gas Market Analysis, Econometric Modeling and Price Forecasting.

Refinery Engineering

Business Strategy


Investment Strategies in Evolving Markets; Sales

& Marketing; Commercial

& Market Intelligence;

M&A Support; Economic Assessments and Geopolitical Risk.

Refinery Engineering; Process Engineering; Plant Design Modifications Review; Instrumentation & Optimization and Petrochemical Projects.

US Energy Regulations


Crude, Oil Products, Natural Gas and LNG; Crude-by-Rail; Jones Act; US Emission Control Areas; Environmental Policy and Energy Derivatives Regulation.

ADIN Energy's mission is to bring the oil and gas industry exceptional services and solutions through its talented group of energy consultants.

Our company draws on a team of seasoned professionals and a network of experts in the energy industry to deliver unmatched consulting services. We aim to be the go-to company for consulting in the energy space by connecting top-notch talent. Our commitment to our clients is to provide customized, value added services that foster lasting relationships. Understanding our clients' needs, identifying outstanding consultants and offering solutions to multifaceted challenges in the oil and gas industry are ADIN Energy's business.    

Anita Demkiv, CEO


Why ADIN Energy?


Experts with technical, fundamental and macro approaches to complex problem solving.


Global network of energy experts located in major centers of trading, production and commerce.


Extensive industry experience backed by engineering degrees, a MBA, MA or PhD.


Flexibility to create synergystic teams of consultants for multifaceted projects.


Streamlined communications between consultant and client from the start to the end of the project cycle.